ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2017 at 6PM, one of New Orleans' premier events is returning this year with a fantastic twist that will leave you wanting to travel the world dancing! This year for the first time, The Good Shepherd School is hosting, Dancing With the Stars - Around the World. Our choreographers and dancers will be working to dazzle and amaze you with music, themes and dance moves from around the globe. You do not want to miss this fabulous, star-studded event benefiting The Good Shepherd School!

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HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Each vote costs one dollar and you can vote as many times as you want for as many teams as you want. Just click on your favorite couple or couples below. There is a $5 minimum vote per team. Whoever you vote for, be sure to vote now and vote often because 100% of the proceeds from votes go to support the Good Shepherd School!

Online voting will remain open until noon on October 21 (event day).

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Dancing with the Stars 2017 Team Lineup:


VOTES for Team 1

John Blancher, Deborah Blancher, & Annie Cuccia


VOTES for Team 2

Roy Glapion, Meg Gatto, & Eleni Korominas


VOTES for Team 3

Tom Gregory, Amanda Shaw, Brianna Nowlin, & Alex Nowlin


VOTES for Team 4

Max Gruenig, Hillary Gibbs Alread, & Kate Rohm


VOTES for Team 5

Joe Helm, Chandra Chifici, & Gina Iserman


VOTES for Team 6

Stanton McNeely, Amy Winchester, & Stephani Kammer


VOTES for Team 7

Wayne Pierce, Laurie Pierce Martin, & Janell Wattigny


VOTES for Team 8

Paul Spitzfaden, Theresa Truxillo, & Fran Moran


VOTES for Team 9

Vance Vaucresson, Christina Mahtook, & Laura Stein


VOTES for Team 10

Pat Winters, Kevyn Winters, Ashley Iserman, & Amal Hamdan